We know that when organising a trip, family stay, company or other event, you have many questions. Of course, you can call us with each of them, but we have also included some useful information here. We believe it will be helpful.


  • What are the regulations of the Resort?

    1. The formalities related to the registration and payment for the stay are completed on the day of arrival/departure. Group leaders present a list of participants, including the name and surname and room/building assignment. The payment for accommodation in the Resort is not tantamount to buying insurance.
    2. The hotel day lasts from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. of the following day, and the quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. and last until 6:00 a.m.
    3. The Resort is not financially responsible for items left unattended in the Resort.
    4. After the end of the stay, return the room keys to the front desk. If the key is not returned, the guest undertakes to pay PLN 65 as compensation for the damage.
    5. First aid kit is available at the front desk.
    6. We leave one car park at the disposal of the Resort’s guests – please do not park your cars on green areas and between the buildings. The car park for guests is located at the back – please do not leave the cars in the car park next to the main building (except for people who will obtain a special permit for temporary parking at the front desk of the Resort).
    7. The presence of dogs and other pets on the premises of the Resort must each time be approved by the management of the Resort. Such consent is not required for guide dogs; however, please notify the receptionist about this. In all cases, please comply with the general sanitary and safety rules. (If the management does not give its approval, the owner of the animal is obliged to clean up and pay a fine of PLN 100).
    8. The persons paying for rooms in the smaller buildings and in the main building are financially responsible for the property made available to them and for the damage caused at the premises of the Resort. If you notice any damage or lack when you first enter the room, please report it straight away at the front desk.
    9. The use of any electric devices that are not part of the Resort’s equipment is prohibited. The use of additional heating devices is forbidden. Mobile phone and laptop chargers should be unplugged when charging is complete.
    10. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all buildings and on the campsite. There are designated areas at the Resort where smoking is allowed.
    11. Bringing and consuming alcohol on the premises of the Resort is strictly forbidden, with the exception of receiving a special consent from the Resort’s management.
    12. Having a barbecue and lighting fires is allowed only in designated places and only after obtaining consent from the front desk of the Resort.
    13. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation to people who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or behave aggressively or in a manner generally considered vulgar.
    14. Persons who are not checked in are forbidden to stay in the Resort during the quiet hours.
    15. The persons who do not comply with these regulations will be obliged to leave the Resort without reimbursement.
    16. Any opinions regarding the functioning of the Resort should be reported to the staff of the front desk.
  • Can special diet meals be ordered?

    1. Yes, our Resort prepares meals for four types of diets:
      VEGE – meals made from vegetables VEGE + FISH – meals made from vegetables and fish GLUTEN FREE – gluten free meals
      LACTOSE FREE – meals without dairy products

    The number of special diet meals must be declared in good time during confirmation of the details of your stay. It is not possible to change the diet during the stay.

  • Is it possible to rent the entire Resort, with the kitchen?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent the entire Resort with the kitchen; all meals are prepared and served by our employees.
    However, it is possible to rent the entire Resort for stays with overnight accommodation, with our catering service. The exclusivity is determined individually – depending on the nature of the stay. Usually, for stays lasting several days, exclusive rent of the resort is possible for 130 people with overnight accommodation.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes, the fee for a pet’s stay is PLN 25 per day. Guide dogs can stay free of charge. Pets are allowed if you notify us about their arrival in advance.
    Only pets are allowed in our Resort. The Resort has the right to refuse to accept animals that are commonly considered as dangerous or aggressive. Taking care of the safety of all guests of the Resort, the animal must have a leash, collar and muzzle when outside the room.

    The pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after them – they are obliged to clean up the pooh left by animals on the premises and in the vicinity of the Resort.
    The pet owner is responsible for any damage and contamination causedby their pet and shall pay for the repair of any damage.

  • Is it possible to order dry provisions / lunch box instead of one of the meals?

    Yes, it is possible. When confirming the details of your stay, please make such a request.

  • Is it possible to make a bonfire and roast sausages instead of a dinner?

    Yes, a bonfire with sausages can be ordered instead of a dinner or it can be prepared additionally, e.g. late in the evening. If you plan a bonfire, notify us about this one week before your arrival. You can also order a richer bonfire or BBQ menu.

  • If I stay in smaller buildings, how is security ensured?

    Part of our Resort is covered with cameras, moreover, during the night hours there is a night watchman on the premises of the Resort.

  • What currencies can you pay in, can you pay by card?

    We accept card payments, if you pay in cash, you can do it only in PLN.

  • Can I come individually and order a meal?

    Our restaurant is not a typical a la carte restaurant, where you can order dishes on the spot, from the menu. Our café has a standard offers (hot and cold drinks, desserts, sweets, and salty snacks). If you plan to visit our Resort, please check our availability at the front desk, the Resort is often fully booked or occupied.