We believe no one is a lonely island. That is why we focus on creating a space that can help us discover ourselves, others and the world around us. As a host of valuable experience, we organise activities, classes, and meet your needs.


The h2o Resort is a place where you will find both relaxation and positive energy.

We create an atmosphere and space in which, on the one hand, groups can build a sense of community, and at the same time each person “can walk their own way”. You will find a walking area, our private lake, swimming pools, cycling and jogging paths. Your group can take advantage of our comfortable facilities, conference rooms, café, comfortable accommodation, and tasty food. Our nature and space gives you the opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle. We will help your group take full advantage of the benefits of nature through activities and experience full of excitement and adventure.


The training and development of members and employees of non-profit organisations is a key investment.

Whether you plan to bring a group for a day, for the weekend or longer, we will provide the necessary conditions for rest, development, long talks, and inspiring activities. We have done a lot to make the h2o Resort a facility where everyone, who loves nature and active leisure, can enjoy their stay without any problems. We provide a modern place for rest, relaxation, and improvement. Moreover, thanks to our sports facilities and rich nature, we are an excellent venue for picnics and outdoor events.


We know how to organise time for the young.

We can fuel their creativity, suggest ideas for spending time constructively, and motivate them to do sports. Take advantage of our experience or implement your own idea for leisure for children and youths. Close to nature, on a clean lake, with comfortable conditions for rest and recreation – here you can make trips from which young people come back richer with memories of well-spent time and new skills.


Time spent together is crucial for lasting friendships, development and unity.

Dance, sports, language and science groups. We are the perfect place to relax and develop your passions and skills. Thanks to our rich infrastructure, you can easily implement an intensive language learning plan, as well as dance, sports or science classes. And the nature that surrounds our Resort makes the stay even more enjoyable for nature, animal and plant lovers.


We are a place where your employees will feel great and the goals of the event will be achieved.

We have conference and catering facilities that will meet the needs of both small businesses and large corporations. A team building trip, training or conference – at the H2O Resort, we prepare each event efficiently and professionally. Remember – we can organise both an indoor and outdoor event (we have 2 pavilions for this purpose).


What are you looking for? A trip with family and friends, a family celebration?

The H2O Resort is a perfect place for an individual holiday stay, a family getaway or a trip with a group of friends. You will find comfortable conditions to spend your time exactly the way you like. The surrounding nature is perfect for walks, and the water reservoirs for doing sports. We provide comprehensive catering services as well as organisation support and advice. Contact us and discover all the possibilities!

Are you looking for additional attractions?

We have prepared many unique additional services for you – see the full offer.